Salesforce Integration Plans

Call for Comments and Suggestions

We have been spending lots of time talking with our clients using #Salesforce about what they want in our integration planned for release this year.   We will continue to post updates as we get closer to announcing the first release and pricing. This is a call for our users and potential users to help prioritize our efforts.

This is a short list of initial features:

  • Creating of CallPlease call tasks directly from a Salesforce record: All Salesforce objects have associated Tasks that can be assigned – including the Task type of Call. With this integration, Salesforce users would be able to create a CallPlease “New Call” from within Salesforce.  This would allow you or an associate to put new calls on your call log without opening CallPlease.  This could also be used to have people who are making calls from within CallPlease that don’t have access to Salesforce.
  • Create a call event against a contact or lead record, with all call details, for every attempted contact in CallPlease: We have heard for years how much sales professionals hate logging their calls in Salesforce.  With this integration, all call activities can happen in CallPlease and then CallPlease will log the call for you, including the customized Call Actions, notes, times of attempted contacts – the works.
  • Associating a Call Task with an opportunity (or other object) and having it associate all activities to that object: The calls you make can relate to many different objects in that are tracked in Salesforce.  This many to many relationship will likely add some complexity to the integration interface.
  • Something else?: We have been doing our homework on this, but maybe we are missing something.

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