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This is site where you will find tips, trick, insights, and inspirations on how others are using CallPlease to save time, make better calls, stay connected to important people and keep the whole team in sync.

CallPlease changed the way that my EA and I manage our calls. It’s so much easier, faster and accurate. CallPlease keeps my calls focused and informed. At $200 a year for the Enterprise Edition, it’s a no-brainer!

Kris Snyder, CEO/President of Vox Mobile

I had been looking around forever for an app that could handle our phone logs. I was shocked to see that there was nothing available. So when CallPlease first became available I was interested. Since then, it has proven to be not only a smart and easy-to-use app, but it changes the way we manage our phone logs. We now have the entire company using CallPlease and it’s a lifesaver.

Dean Devlin, CEO of Electric Entertainment and Producer of Independence Day, Stargate and the upcoming Independence Day: Resurgence