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Recurring Calls: CallPlease as Smart Assistant

There are 4 very powerful customization sections under the pencil icon in the CallPlease web app: Call Actions, Call Tags, Address Books, and Recurring Calls. In honor of the New Years Resolutions you are about to make, we’d like to take a moment to remind you about the Recurring Calls.

All users have these powerful customizations that allow them to use CallPlease is very different ways.

Maintaining good relationships with important people in your world means maintaining regular communications. Many days go by when there isn’t time to think about who we haven’t talked to in a while – we just barely keep up with tasks that come in everyday. CallPlease is dedicated to helping you keep track of “What’s Next?” so you don’t have to.

The Recurring Call entry screen looks just like the Add Call screen with a slightly different take on “when” because it adds “how often?”

With Recurring Calls, you can have CallPlease remind you on a regular basis that you should do something, including call or otherwise contact someone. The call appears, at the appointed time, as a new call on your call list (in BOLD). You can set all the Call Actions, Tags, and other settings like you would a new call, but these calls get added to your list at a frequency that you determine and can adjust later. Weekly, Monthly, and Annuals reminders!

Here are some examples of how Recurring Calls get used by CallPlease users:

1) A Salesperson has recurring calls set for her top 20 clients. Over time, she has adjusted the call frequencies and the day of the week for each call to maximize the effectiveness with that client. None of these clients has a reason to say, “I never hear from you.” She also has Custom Call Actions called “Send Text” and “Send an Email” that she uses as follow-ups.

2) An Executive tells us that last year he created a list of 50 people that he wanted to keep in touch with either to maintain a relationship or deepen it. This list includes old friends, past colleagues, mentors, and a few executives with his company’s best customers. Using the “First Call Date” setting, he was able to stagger these calls throughout the year. His Assistant helps him tabulate his success rate in reaching these people every quarter, using the CallPlease reporting features, and then makes adjustments to the tactics for each contact.

For my New Year’s Resolution, I’ve adopted both of these strategies.
Happy New Year!

What’s next for you?


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