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We update CallPlease every week. Many of the mobile app changes need to be grouped together and released less frequently because the testing and release process is a bit more taxing on us. Without going deep into technical details, we reduce the need for mobile app updates by making more of the magic happen in Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that live in the ethers.

12 February 2020

  • Updated iOS app queued with updated to Transfer Call and Assign Call actions to allow assignment to Call Logs that the user is not a member of.
  • Address Book integration with Google Contacts would fail to capture new Company names under certain circumstances. Now fully functional
  • Further clarity on aspects of contact updates with Office365 and Google Contacts. A full note will be published for users

4 February 2020

  • Timing on contact importing, both through upload and cloud integration where updated to allow list over 2,000 contact (you don’t really know that many people)
  • A number of deprecated and unused jscript calls have been removed
  • Integration links updated

29 January 2020

  • A glitch in the Trial process was fixed, allowing trial emails to begin flowing again and the automation around trial ending to restart. This reminded a lot of people to subscribe. Thanks for that.
  • The pdf printing of call logs wasn’t responsive to the call sorting preferences. For privacy reasons, we can’t support name sorting (we would have to break our super secret codes) but the more commonly used Date sorting is now supported

22 January 2020

  • HBO Web app updated to latest add a call screens
  • Bug squashed that kept Assign Call from recognizing all the Shared Call Logs as options in the web app
  • Update to iOS app is queued that will fix a bug that prevented some Transfer Call and Assign Call options from presenting in the Call Action screen

15 January 2020

  • Adjustments made to API and script timing to better support huge address books in Google Contacts (>12,000)
  • Learning Center (https://www.learn.callplease.com) now available on the Calls screen
  • Demo and Support scheduling links now on all pages.

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