Edit the Tab Names!

CallPlease now enables you to rename the tabs, making it easier to keep track of wider range of business processes.

This icon opens the tab label editor

We recognize that our users are using CallPlease for so much more than communications management. Companies and teams have used customer Call Actions and Tags to manage lots of different processes in their businesses including:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for more people with dozens or hundreds of customers
  • Service Delivery or Ticketing for lawn care, plumbers, or other small services organizations
  • Practice Management for small law firms, financial services, consultants and business coachers

With this update, each Call Log can now have a different set of “stages” that utilize three of the colored tabs on the Calls page. Some of examples of customizations we already see:

ApplicationRed TabBlue TabPurple Tab
DefaultNewly ReceivedIn progressNeed To Call
Customer ServiceNewIn ProgressFollow-up
ProjectUnassignedThis WeekUp-Coming
Editable tab names allow each log to take on lots of new workflow tasks more clearly
The possibilities are endless…

The tab labels can be edited by clicking on the folder icon along the tab bar. We have also added a tab for the sorting controls to allow easier changes to how calls display in the tabs.

Why read when you can watch!
An example of lawyers using different tab names


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