3 Things to Do First with CallPlease

New users to CallPlease come from a wide range of other solutions (or non-solutions) for managing communications.

Yes, kids, they still make these….I don’t know why.
  • Sticky notes
  • Message pads
  • Custom built applications
  • Database applications
  • Shared spreadsheets
  • Shouting
  • Voice mail
  • A flurry of emails or texts that are quickly lost in the deluge of other inbound stuff
Even before the three things, you should probably watch this.

Most of the time, users make the transition from their old system with glee and clarity. When people do have questions, there are three things that ask about:

  1. Loading an Address Book: Every log, whether a log for an executive or a shared log for a department or functional area of the business, has an Address Book that you can preload with all your current contacts. Our article on Address Books offers pictures and videos on how to load from any different sources. If you have your master contact list on Microsoft 365 or Google Contacts, ask about adding our Plus or Enterprise features to your free trial. This allows you to use that master contact list as the source of information on CallPlease AND allows you to edit contacts from within CallPlease. Articles on this topic: Address Books, Microsoft Integration, Archiving Address Books
  2. Customize your Call Actions: Call Actions are those things you do with or about a call or a person. CallPlease comes preloaded with Call Actions like Called – Call Back and Left a Voicemail but you should edit them to match how you think and talk about your daily interactions. They can be non-call-related steps like, Send document, Follow up with email or Schedule a Zoom Meeting. Articles on this topic: Customizing Call Actions, The Transfer Call Action, Articles on special configurations for Use Cases
  3. Customize you Sort settings: As soon as you have more than a handful of calls and tasks on your log, you will want to sort them so the most urgent and important things are on top. CallPlease gives you three controls for sorting and grouping the current view as well as the tabs and tags that you can use to filter your lists into manageable lengths. Article on this topic: Sorting your calls

If you need some help getting started or in getting the most out of CallPlease, don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team or to schedule time with one of our team members here:https://www.callplease.com/contact-support.html

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