Customizing Call Actions and Tags

There’s a good chance that we’ll publish lots of examples on this topic because every business and every industry seems to come up with very creative ways to configure Tags and Call Actions to make their business work better.

In general, you have lots of latitude on how to customize Call Actions and Tags.

Tags are a very easy way to add a way of adding an additional categorization to calls in every state. They also give you very fast access to accessing only the calls with a certain tag, using the lefthand menu.

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 3.13.26 PM
The blue Lefthand Side menu slides out to expose all your Call Logs and the tags used in those logs.  One click on the tag brings up a list that includes all the calls with that tag, no matter what state they are in.

When you sign-up for CallPlease you have some default Call Actions that are grouped into Call States. Call States are those tabs on your main Call Log display (Newly Received, Urgent, In Progress, etc). EVERYTHING about Call Actions is customizable.

Every Executive user and Shared Call Log has a separate list of Call Actions that can be customized.  Also, their are separate lists of Call Actions for when a new call is added [Add a Call Actions], Actions for the Execs to use on current calls in the their Call Log [Exec/Shared Call Log Actions] and Actions that are just for Assistants to use on existing calls [Assistant Actions].

Call Action Setting
There are three sets of Call Actions

Call States have static names (you can’t change them at this point) but they don’t have to mean anything in particular.  Call in the Urgent state get their by checking the Urgent box on the call but it could just as easily mean “send them flowers” as Urgent.  Then, when you sit down to do all your flower sending for the day, all your flower recipients would be under the Urgent tab.

[Yes, customizing the tab names is on the roadmap].

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