The “Open Office” set-up

Increasingly we see offices where there are no bosses or assistants but, instead, many people all supporting each other.  For this type of set-up, we created Shared Call Logs.

CallPlease was originally designed to support the Exec/Assistant relationships that are common in Hollywood, Law Firms, and the C-Suite, but we added Shared Call Logs a few years ago to enable an almost infinite array of collaboration options.  That kind of flexibility though, can make it a bit confusing to set-up, so we are putting together some examples of how other CallPlease users have organized their environments.

In the Exec/Assistant world, the Exec has a private call log and the assistant collaborates by adding calls, updating information, or acting on the Exec’s behalf.  An Assistant can support multiple Execs, so the assistant(s) see each of their call logs but the Execs can’t see each others.

One possible set-up for the open office we described above takes advantage of the fact that Assistants don’t have private call logs. If you create an organization where everyone is an Exec and they are part of Shared Call Logs, they will have a private log AND the all the shared logs you assign them to.

You need to be a Company Admin to access the Gear icon menus

To create open access and not have Private logs, you can try this:

  1. Add each of your colleagues to CallPlease as Assistants (under the Gear icon/People menu)
  2. Create Shared Call Logs named after each of your users that needs their own log or use department names for shared workloads. (under the Gear icon/Shared Logs menu)
  3. Add each of your users to all of the Shared Call Logs (under the Gear icon/Shared Logs menu, Members tab)

In this set-up, everyone has access to all of the logs, both for adding calls and for acting on those calls and everyone can see what is on everyone else’s plate.  And, because everyone is an Assistant, they don’t have a private log to confuse things. You can limit individuals ability to change Call Actions or Tags by removing their Admin rights to any of the logs.

The Hamburger Menu (the three lines in the Upper Left Hand corner) displays a list of all the Call Logs that the user has access too. Execs default to their personal log (for now).
Add Person to Shared Log
Any user can be a Member of a Shared Call Log

Don’t hesitate to ask for help

If you want some help setting up your office for the right level of privacy and collaboration, we will give you a free live session with one of our Enterprise Support Experts.  They can walk you through the features with a live screen-sharing session and even direct you through setting up your environment to your specifications.

Click here to schedule a QuickStart session:

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