Create a Shared Call Log

The Shared Call Log is the Swiss-Army Knife of Productivity in CallPlease.

There are lots of reasons to consider creating a Shared Call Log:

  • An Assistant needs their own list of calls and tasks
  • Everyone or a department needs to work together on tasks and communications
  • You need a place to keep longer-term issues and tasks so they don’t clutter your view of what is urgent and important
  • You have a queue of in-bound, unassigned calls or tasks that others can pick from as part of your workflow

We write about these use cases in other posts. This post is all about creating that Shared Call Log.

Add New Shared Call Log
The instructions step through the options
on the Add a New Shared Call Log screen
  1. Select the Shared Call Logs menu item in the Company Admin menu (the gear icon at the top of the screen). You must be a Company Admin to create or manage Shared Call Logs.
  2. The first tab on the Shared Call Logs page lists the Shared Call Logs that have already been created. Click on the plus button next to the words Add a new shared call log.
  3. Name you new log. Any name is fine but avoid special characters that might display oddly (%&#)
  4. Add Display Initials. All actions are time stamped with the initials of who made the action. Actions applied by the automation features will include the initials of the Log they are applied in.
  5. Choose a Type: Most use cases for Shared Call Logs use Interactive Logs. Interactive Logs are just like Executive Logs as they are meant as a list to be worked through. Queue Logs are meant to be holding places for work that is awaiting assignment. When in doubt, pick Interactive Log.
  6. Review the remaining settings. Notification and Alarm settings can be customized to the Use Case of the log. The default settings match the default settings for Executive Logs.
  7. Click Add. Now you have a new Shared Call Log – but nobody can see it yet.
  8. Click on the second tab on the Shared Call Logs page, the Members tab. This where you add or remove members from a Shared Call Log.
  9. Because we have just created a new Log, you can forego selecting it in the drop down menu. You know there’s no one in it yet, but feel free to give is whirl.
  10. Click on the plus button next to the words, Add a person to a shared call log.
  11. Select the person you want to add to your new log from the Pick a Person drop down. You will notice that Executives and Assistants are listed equally but in alphabetical order.
  12. Select your new log from the Pick the Shared Call Log drop down menu.
  13. Admin? You can give this person the rights to change or create Call Actions, Tags, and the Address Book by giving them Admin rights to this log. This does not make them a Company Admin.
  14. The last option, If the person is an Exec, add their Assistants, is there to save you a couple steps in case you are adding multiple people that are also in Exec/Assistant groups.
  15. Click Add. Now the person you selected will see this Shared Call Log in their Add a Call options and on the Call Logs side bar.
Add People to a Shared Call Log
Use this screen to add People to your Shared Call Log

Next step is to create your workflow by customizing Call States(the tabs) and Tags to the categories or stages of your workflow and Call Actions to the steps you need to take.

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