Removing the Delete action

Elephants have great memories AND they are cute. Make sure your CallPlease account remembers all the calls by turning off the Delete Call action. We fully support our customers’ desire to be able to restrict some users from Deleting calls – forcing them to finish the process and Completing instead.

There are two Actions that can’t be edited but can be turned off. The Assign Call action allows the user to move a call or task to another log. The Delete Call action does what you would expect, deleting all record of the call for all of eternity.

The Assign Call action and the Delete Call action can be disabled using the toggle switches.

The trick here is you MUST have ownership of the Call Log to flip that switch! If you want to enforce people completing calls in the way that leaves a full record of all actions, don’t let them have access to editing the Call Actions. Each use can have their administrative rights to a call log turned off. Two examples are below. In the first example, Mona can’t edit the Call Actions for the Shared Cal Log called Firm BizDev. If you turn off the Delete Calls action, she won’t have access to it. In the second example, Mona doe have admin rights to her boss’ call log. He might turn off the Delete Call action, but she could turn it back on.

Shared Call Log Members - some have the rights to edit the Call Actions, Mona does not
Mona can’t make changes to the Call Actions for the Firm BizDev shared log because she is NOT an admin. The toggle switch is used to change this.
Admin rights for the boss' call log
Mona does have the right to edit the Call Actions for the Boss, Atticus Finch.

More about editing Call Actions can be found here

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