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For many CallPlease users, calls are a way of life and using CallPlease has enabled them to make many more useful and impactful calls everyday.  That said, Call Logs can get pretty long, pretty quickly.  Some CallPlease users generate a thousand calls a week.  With that kind of volume, speed matters.  Luckily we can help with that too.

CallPlease is designed to provide update-to-date information at all times.  This requires frequent conversation between your computer or smartphone and our systems. If you have lots of calls in your log, network speed can have a significant impact on your screen refresh speed.  Corporate networks can also sometimes have management or security settings that slow down traffic.

For most users, CallPlease speed will never be an issue. The CallPlease apps and browser version update through pushes from our side so data comes in faster than you can notice.  We have heard – mostly from the assistants of very busy Executives – that they notice every small tweak we make to speed things up, especially the full refresh of the browser.

CallPlease includes one setting that can have a major impact on the speed of refreshes – Completed calls archived (days)This can be set between 1 and 365 days and impacts how many Completed calls are kept in the current windows.  The calls are never lost, but the Archived calls are not pulled into the browser until you select the Archive tab.  Long time users can have tens of thousands of calls in the Archive tab.

Profile & Calls Settings, the Your Profile tab
The Upper RHS drop down menu reveals Profile & Call Settings, including the Calls section of Your Profile. Here at CallPlease world headquarters, we keep ours set to 14 days.

Reloading the browser always pulls all the current calls from the server, so it is best to avoid hitting browser refresh unless you have to.  New information is pushed to the browser from the CallPlease servers to keep you up-to-date without refreshing.

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