The CallPlease QuickStart Guide

CallPlease is sophisticated software so it can take a few steps to really understand how it can make you more efficient and effective.

Only one person needs to create the Trial Account! That person then adds the rest of the users. If everyone creates their own account, you won’t be able to collaborate.

Follow these 5 steps to get experience some of the most used features in CallPlease.

  1. Download the App(s): You can have CallPlease on as many devices as you would like.
    1. Apple App Store:
    2. Google Play Store:
  2. Invite others to join: During the trial, all users in your organization are free
    1. Under the Gear icon , select the People menugear_icon
    2. Add people as Execs, Assistants, or IT Admins. All you need are their names and emails addresses.  Be sure to link Exec to their Assistants using the Network icon in the People section. More on this here Network Icon
    3. If you are the only person in your trial account AND you are an Assistant or Receptionist, you will need to create a Shared Call Log to be able to experience any of the Call Logging functions. You can create a Shared Call Log under the Gear icon, select the Shared Call Log menu
  3. Add Contacts: There are lots of ways to enable CallPlease to auto-enter contact details. You can also sync the contacts on your phone to CallPlease.
    1. Under the three dots menuthreeDots , select Settings.
    2. Select Sync Contacts. All you contacts are now available on your device and the web portal.
  4. Make a few calls: CallPlease is great for adding calls on the go or scheduling your calls for the future.
    1. Use the big plus button on your mobile device PlusCircleor the plus at the top of your calls display on the portal to make or schedule calls
    2. After the call ends, CallPlease will prompt you to capture what just happened and what should happen next for that call.
  5. Customize a Call Action: Call Actions are your short cut for telling yourself or your teammates what should happen next. You can add actions that are about calling or other things you regularly do after a call, like send an email or invite to connect on social media. Everyone can create their own custom actions, or you can share them across teams.
    1. Under the pencil menu, select Call actions and then select a call log from the drop down.
    2. Add a new action or modify an existing one.

Extra Credit Assignments!

  • Schedule a recurring call: Are their important customers or contacts that you want to remember to talk to regularly? Recurring calls appear on your call logs at regular intervals that you can customize. Create one under the pencil menu
  • Create a Shared Call Log: Shared logs come in two flavors and allow everyone in them to maintain visibility into the calls in the log and contribute to making them.
    • Under the Gear menu, select the Shared Call Logs menu
    • Click the Plus next to Add a new shared call log
    • Give it a name and accept all the defaults. You can change them later.
    • Select the Members submenu and add coworkers to the shared log
    • Assign a call: CallPlease makes it easy to pass a call to someone else on your team. Assign Call is a call action when you are in a shared log.

You can download this QuickStart Guide and share it with your friends on colleagues.

Sign-up for a free trial of CallPlease here:

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