Adding or Deleting Users or Assistants

The real power of CallPlease comes from all the ways you can work with others to make certain the most important work is getting done and all the most important people are being contacted.

We have many other articles here on creative ways to structure CallPlease to make your team more productive, the first step is to add people to the team.

First a warning:

Don’t Start Lots of Separate Company Accounts!

Going to the account set-up page needs to just happen once. The person that originally creates an account is automatically made an Administrator of the company account and can add more people. Each person can have private stuff and shared stuff, but only people on the same company account can share or collaborate.

Your whole organization should, ideally, be on one account.  Individuals still have private phone logs and address books, but you can only use the collaboration functions, like shared call logs and assigning calls, if everyone is on the same account.

Invite others to join: During the trial, all users in your organization are free.  If you have a subscription, the system will prorate the cost of additional subscriptions so you are only charged for the days that your users exist in CallPlease.  Everyone renews on the same day.

To add new users, you need to use the People menu.

  1. Under the Gear icon , select the People menu
    . The Gear icon where all the administrative functions for the company or organization can be found.
  2. Add people as Execs, Assistants, or IT Admins. Each user type has a tab in the People panel where they are listed. The Plus button for adding a user of a certain type is on the tab of that type. All you need are their names and emails addresses.  Be sure to link Exec to their Assistants using the Network icon in the People section 
    Network Icon
Associating Assistants to Execs
The Network icon (three circles in a triangle) reveals the Assistant Assignment menu. Assistants can be assigned temporarily or changed at any time. Giving an Assistant Boss Admin rights allows them to take Exec Actions on calls on the Boss’ behalf.

About Assistants versus Executives

In CallPlease, Executives have private call logs and address books that can only be accessed by themselves and users who are designated as their Assistants. Execs can also be members of Shared Call Logs.

Assistants do not have designated private call logs or address books. They can be associated with any number of Executives and have access to their call logs and address books and they can be members of Shared Call Logs and have access to those logs and address books. If you don’t want private call log and don’t have an assistant, then an Assistant subscription might be right for you (if you can get past the label).

Shared Call Logs members
Executives and Assistants can be part of shared call logs. You can create Call Actions or Tags to keep track of who is doing what or transfer calls out of a Shared Log into a personal one.
Working together for a dream
Everyone gets further, faster when we support each other and help each other focus on what’s next!

Delete A User

Administrative users can delete a user using the trash can icon next to the name of the user that is to be deleted. You can also edit a user and change the name and email address on their user account.

Deleted accounts can not be retrieved and the email addresses of a deleted user can’t be added back to the system for 24 hours. If you are attempting to move a user to a different company account, it is better to change the email address of the user in their current account to a fake email address and then add that same email address to the other account to avoid having to wait the 24 hours.

Deleting an Assistant has no impact on the data of their Executives. All you lose by deleting an Assistant is these personal setting for how they view things, like sort order.

Deleting an Executive also removes all their address books and call log records – EVERYTHING.

Before deleting and Executive, consider archiving their calls and address book for safe keeping.

Assistants are listed on a separate tab from the Execs. This is where you would add, edit or delete an Assistant (or send a password reset email)


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