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Contacts 2.0 Add a Call Screen

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If you have any trouble with the operation of the update, please Refresh your Browser or Empty your Browser Cache to be certain you get all the right code.

We have added a new Add a Call screen to support our new integrations with Office 365 and Google Contacts and to address a problem many people have mentioned where they need to be able to update the Address Book on the fly. E

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A few new controls on the Add a Call screen will slightly change the way you use it. 

  • Two (2) buttons allow you to create a new contact: The plus (+) next to the Contact line and the big green one at the bottom of the screen. This pops up the contact editing screen so you can add multiple numbers. If you began typing the name of your contact, it carries into the next screen.
  • The phone number selector is now one big drop down list. If you integrate with Google Contacts, it can also accommodate any crazy label you put on your numbers.
  • If you have selected a contact from the drop-down, that big green button becomes an Update Contact button. This allows you to edit the contact information which then flows to all the other calls you might have with that contact and to the address book.

The biggest change to the workflow involves new contacts.  The old interface captured anything you typed into the Add a Call screen and created a new contact from it automatically. We then sent you a vCard with that information on it so it was easy to add it to your other contact databases.  The problem was that it was a whole bunch of clicks to get to the place that you could update or correct that address book entry.  If you made a mistake on entry, many of you just remembered that you had to correct it every time.  That mades us cry.

How to create a new contact in Contacts 2.0

As we’ve said, we recognize that most of our users never made it over to the Address Book page (under the pencil icon in the main menu) so you may not notice the change in the Update Address Book Entry screen but you will see it now on a regular basis.  It will pop-up every time you add a new contact or need to edit a contact.

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