3 Hollywood Best Practices with CallPlease

CallPlease was first created as a replacement for paper call sheets and a call log application developed in FileMaker Pro, both of which were in wide use in Hollywood as phone calls were still the sole ways that deals and shows got made. While the ways that people communicate to make shows has expanded dramatically, it is still important to keep track of what needs to happen next on many fronts – all at the same time.

While CallPlease was designed to do all the basic things that your other options for Exec/Assist call log can do, we have also packed in a whole bunch of customizations and options. This is a list of some of our favorite ideas:

  1. Tracking Projects using tags and Shared Call Logs: A number of producers use two different features to track projects through their life-cycles. When a project is in the early development stages, it can begin as a hashtag assigned items on the Executive Call Log. Once the project moves into full swing when there are multiple people (execs or assistants) that need to move things along, create a Shared Call Log that everyone can be a member of.
  2. Keeping a Tidy Call Log and a Parking Lot: While some execs seem to have hundreds of active calls on their logs, some have chosen to follow a process where the Executive Log just has things on it that need to have attention this week. Anything else is transferred to a Parking Lot log (shared call log). The Exec and assistant review the parking lot once a week to move things that are now up for attention to the Exec log and
  3. Not just about calls anymore, using customized Call Actions and URLs in descriptions: As our users have expanded how they interact with others to include texting, Zoom, Slack, and dozens of other platforms, they still need to keep track of all those interactions somewhere that all the right people have access to.

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