Import Call Archives including FileMaker Pro

Many organizations have used FileMaker Pro, spreadsheets, or other tools like PhoneSlips in the past to maintain their call records. Sometimes it can be hard to let go of those tools a move to a modern tool like CallPlease when you have all that history stored away. We’ve added a feature to give you one less excuse to not let go of that old tech.

Selecting the CSV columns for the import

We now have a call archive importer so you can load almost any history into the CallPlease database for a call log.

This feature isn’t currently in the menus because we are hoping to get more users to try it before we open it up to everyone – we foresee plenty of support calls from the less technically sophisticated users.

What follows is the process for using this feature

Once you click on Continue, the import will commence.
  1. We HIGHLY suggest you create a Shared Call Log to test the process. You can delete the test call log afterward.
  2. Start by going directly to this URL:
  3. Select the Call Log for the import.
  4. Once you have selected a Call Log the import button will appear.
  5. Select the file that you want to import. It should be saved as a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file with a .csv extension
  6. The system will attempt to discover which columns of data belong with each data type for the archive. You should plan on knowing the proper location of each element. In our experience, the call log application written for FileMaker Pro naturally exports with the following columns:
    1. Contact Name
    2. Contact Phone Number
    3. Message
    4. Call State – which we store in the Headline location of the archive. The Call Action for each of the calls will be set to Imported to Archive during the import.
    5. Time of last event
    6. Date of last event
  7. Click Analyze. The system will attempt to match what you’ve configured to the data and then let you know if it is ready to import the data.
  8. When completed, the system will provide a count for the number of records successfully imported.

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