CallPlease Subscription Tiers and Pricing

CallPlease offers three feature and pricing tiers to address the needs of our diverse users.

Enterprise ($20/user/month)

Organizations with security control requirements, like Single Sign-On (SSO) and mobile device wipe should choose the Enterprise subscription tier. The Enterprise subscription includes all of the features available in CallPlease, including the features developed for larger organiztions.

  • All Basic Features
  • All Plus Features
  • Single Sign-On(SSO)
  • Domain-level control
  • Mobile Access Control
  • Mobile Wipe
  • Enterprise Support
  • Invoice Payment Options

Plus ($14/user/month)

Users and Organizations that want to connect to Microsoft Office 365 or Google G-Suite but don’t require advanced security control features, should select the Plus subscription.

  • All Basic Features
  • Integration with Microsoft Office® – CallPlease can use your Microsoft Office 365® contact list as Address Book for your CallPlease account, for look-up and real-time updates and contact creation.
  • Integration with Google® Contacts – Allow users to have real-time synchronization with their individual Google Contacts® or allow everyone to have a single shared on-line address book using any Google account.

Basic ($9/user/month)

CallPlease Basic is the standard for Executives and Assistants to work together coordinating communications, but with the inclusion of Shared Call Logs and full customization of Call Actions, it is a robust but simple communications workflow tool that just happens to do a spectacular job at being a call log.

  • Mobile Access
  • Web Access
  • Synced Call Logs
  • Shared Call Logs (Teams, Queues)
  • Integrated Address Book
  • Alarms & Notifications
  • Customized Call Actions
  • Recurring Calls
  • Enterprise Class Security Foundation

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