Use CallPlease to replace your former solution

Replacement for PHONEslips

We have heard the sad news that Telexis is ending the operation of their product PHONEslips, as many companies have reached out to try our product.

Great News! We can help.

CallPlease isn’t a direct replacement for all the things that PHONEslips and the GroupReady suite do, but we are a really great way to manage phone messages and light workflow in a small office, covering some of the functions of CRM, ticketing, and sales process management.

Try CallPlease as a replacement for PHONEslips

What Phoneslips users like about CallPlease

While CallPlease isn’t a direct replacement for all the PhoneSlips functionality, the organizations that have transitioned liked these things about CallPlease:

  • CallPlease is in the cloud, no more local infrastructure or maintenance.
  • Easy access to export your data. Contact information can be exported as standard vCards or a CSV file. All call records can be exported as csv (Excel) files or as PDFs.
  • Easy to customize your Call Actions and process in CallPlease
  • Very easy to get started
  • User-friendly interface.

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