International Numbers

In general, CallPlease handles numbers for any country reasonably well. Most of our users are still US-based so we have continued to auto-format numbers that look like US phone numbers to the make them easier to read [ 1234567890 becomes (123) 456-7890]. We do not attempt to format entries that contain something other than ten numbers.

Unfortunately, some combinations of country codes and numbers also have ten numbers. To accommodate that instance and any other we haven’t thought of yet, we have changed to the code to not format any number that starts with a plus sign (“+”). That means +1234 56 7890 will be captured exactly that way and not be reformatted.

CallPlease aims to make all communications management tasks and workflows easier so we are continuously looking for ways to simply handle all the contact methods you have for people. As we have expanded the types of information that you can put in the phone number field, we have uncovered (or notified of, really) a couple of instances where the wrong thing happens. If you uncover any phone number or text glitch, please let us know through the CallPlease Support portal:

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