Cancelling your CallPlease subscription

Cancel or Suspend?

If you don’t need to go away forever, but just need a break from your relationship with CallPlease, we can Suspend your subscription. This holds the current value of your unused subscription on file so you can restart things later and pick up where you left off instead of having to customize all over again. Contact support if you need to suspend your account.

Sometimes things change and CallPlease no longer fits your needs. No worry, cancelling your account is simple and can be done at anytime. Any Company Administrator can cancel the subscription using the Payment screen, but we encourage you to use good data hygiene by deleting all your call log and address book information before you do so.

Cancellation and Data Clean-up

To comply with European and California data rights and protections, we do not allow our support personal to cancel or delete data on your behalf. They will provide you with these instructions, instead, so that only an authenticated administrator can take these actions.

  1. Create an IT Admin user account: You can create an IT Admin user account anytime, but it is particularly valuable during cancellation. The IT Admin account is free and can be used to delete all the other users from the system.
  2. Download your Address Books: Address books are managed under the Personalizations icon (the pencil) by selecting Address Books. Personal address books can be downloaded by the Exec or by the Assistant if the Assistant has administrative privileges. Shared Call Log address books can be downloaded by anyone who has admin privileges to the Shared Call Log. If you are running the Enterprise version of CallPlease and have your address book connected to Office 365 or Google Contacts, you will need to disconnect to before you can download whatever contacts you created before you set-up your integration.
  3. Erase you Address Books: On the same management screen as the Address Book download, you have the option to erase the contacts. All private Address Books associated with the Executive user are erased when their user account is erased. Shared Call Log Address books and Global address books must be erased manually.
  4. Back-up your Call Logs: At the top of every Call Log screen there is a printer icon. The printer icon can be used to create PDF or CSV (text) downloads of the calls on the current screen. This allows you to download lists by status (Newly Received, In Progress, Archived, etc. ) or by Tag. You need at least three downloads to have all your calls archived: All Active, Completed, and Archived.
  5. Delete Users: Sign into CallPlease as the IT Admin and go to the People menu. Delete all of the Executive and Assistant users.
  6. Cancel Subscription: Using the Payment screen, select the Cancel Subscription option to terminate all future payments and delete your payment information from our systems.
  7. Termination Notice: The final step: notify Support ( that you would like to be removed from our systems. The Support team can delete the final remnant of your existence on our systems, which should be just the IT Admin user credentials.

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