Office 365 Contact Integration

We are excited to announce that we now have integration for your CallPlease address book with Office 365! That means your CallPlease Address Book and your contacts in Outlook┬« will always be in sync and available on both platforms.

Existing contacts remain in your CallPlease address book. Contacts from Microsoft are labelled as such
  • All contacts from Outlook are available when you search in the Add-a-Call screen with a label that shows it is from that source
  • Assistants have access to their Executive’s Outlook contacts through that search, just as they do for their CallPlease Address Books. No need to share credentials!
  • Everywhere you access contacts you now have the option to edit that contact and have it update the source immediately. Add a new mobile number in CallPlease and it immediately is written to the Office 365 so it is available on Outlook and all devices. Add a contact on your smartphone that syncs to Office 365, immediately it becomes available on CallPlease.

Microsoft 365 Integration as well as Google Contacts integration is available as part of the Enterprise License. Contact for more information about CallPlease Enterprise.


  1. […] Test the connection. Open the Add a Call screen or browse to the Address Book page and search for a contact. You should see results that include either [Microsoft] or [Google] after the name, designating that those contacts are coming from that source. As additional sources are added to the CallPlease integration features, they will be designated in a similar fashion. A picture of how this looks can be found here: Office 365 Integration […]


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