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Okta SSO for CallPlease

CallPlease Enterprise users have a number of options for configuration Single-Sign-On for authenticating into CallPlease. Each option has a few quirks to it that are worth listing.

Okta is one of the the leading Identity Providers (IdP) so they were high on our list of solutions to support. A few points to consider in planning for a CallPlease/Okta implementation:

  • CallPlease supports both SAML and OpenID/OAuth Okta implementations and has active installations of each
  • CallPlease is listed on the Okta Integration Network (https://www.okta.com/resources/find-your-apps/?keywords=Callplease )
  • Once you add CallPlease to your Okta configuration, we still need to configure the requests on our end. As a matter of security, we don’t leave these API conversations open or self-configurable.
  • Once you request access over SSO, we will connect you with a CallPlease technical resource who can finish the configuration. The person will ask for:
    • IdP Assertion URL (aka SSO URL as described below), signed not encrypted
    • base64 Signing Certificate

Okta has an excellent overview document [ https://support.okta.com/help/s/article/Beginner-s-Guide-to-SAML] that includes the following entirely accurate description of our requirements:

You will also need to provide the vendor/developer with the following information from the Okta application (accessed via the View Setup Instructions button in the application’s Sign On tab):

  1. The Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL. The SP may refer to this as the “SSO URL” or “SAML Endpoint.” It’s the only actual URL Okta provides when configuring a SAML application, so it’s safe to say that any field on the Service Provider side that is expecting a URL will need this entered into it.
  2. The Identity Provider Issuer. This is often referred to as the Entity ID or simply “Issuer.” The assertion will contain this information, and the SP will use it as verification.
  3. The x.509 Certificate. Some service providers allow you to upload this as file, whereas others require you paste it as text into a field.

Begin the process by contacting your Enterprise Point of Contact or by sending a request to CallPlease Support by clicking here.

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