changing the punch clock

How to change the time or date of a Call in CallPlease

Every call has these three dots on the far right that provide access to Standard Actions

All actions taken in CallPlease are time stamped with the the current date and time as well as the initials of the person taking the action. Some CallPlease users use this information as part of their reporting to customers, regulators, or other people that might be interested in knowing when an action was taken or information provided. Because of this, call actions, in general, do not allow the timestamp to be edited.

The one exception to this is the time between when you create a new call and when you apply a second action.

You can change the timestamp on a call, only once, thru the editing screen by clicking here

Many CallPlease users add calls to their logs from voicemail and want to have those calls reflect the time the call came in. To enable this, there is a control included on all calls that allows users to edit that initial time and date.

How to change the initial time and date of a call:

  1. Create the call as you usually would, including all the fields you want recorded as part of the initial call detail
  2. click on the three dots at the far right of the call listing to open the Standard Actions menu
  3. Select the the Change Call Date/Time option to access the timestamp editing window. Double check the entry before saving. You can only change the timestamp ONCE!

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