The IT Admin user role

Most of the teams using CallPlease have two to ten users – lots of Execs and assistants, small offices or teams, Law offices, Real Estate offices, Lawn Care companies, etc.  For most of those groups, someone in the office owns the CallPlease relationship and is the core person to go to with questions or to set something new up.  Our Learning Center was started to help support these people.  We hope it’s working!

By default, the first person to sign up from a new company account will be created as the company’s CallPlease Administrator. The CallPlease Administrator manages access for every CallPlease user, as well as payment, privacy, and permissions. S/he can also set up your team or business on a shared call log. Every new user can be granted Admin rights by the CallPlease Administrator, but we don’t suggest it.  Amongst the powers of the Admin, they are able to erase accounts.  There are warnings, but this isn’t something you want to allow everyone to do.  Once a user is erased, they can not be retrieved without an act of Congress* and a sizable Professional Services fee.

The Company Admin menu is only available to users with Company Admin status and IT Admins.  The People menu is where users are added, deleted and managed
If you are a Company Admin for your account, you have the gear icon at the top of the screen giving you access to the People menu

Organizations with more users than 10 often have some procedures or standards, what data management professionals refer to as Controls,  for how users are granted access to information and resources.  For these organizations, we created the IT Admin role.  Many of our customers choose to eliminate Administrative capabilities from all but someone who manages access.  The IT Admin role has access to all of the Company Admin functions but none of the user-specific data, like call logs or address books.  This way you can have an IT Admin that is not even part of the organization but can still manage data and access controls on your behalf.

Add an IT Admin

IT Admins can be added to an account by any existing Admin, under the People menu. There is a tab specifically for adding IT Admins. Like all user accounts, there can be only one instance of an email address in our systems (the email is the unique identifier). If you need to be the IT Admin for multiple accounts, you will need multiple email addresses. If you need to merge accounts, this can be arranged through CallPlease Support

You can have as many IT Admins as you like – these are free accounts – but remember, these people can also delete EVERYTHING!

*just kidding on the “act of Congress” thing.  Not kidding about the sizable cost of retrieving users from our back-ups.


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