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Executive Call Actions: Transfer Call

Most of the Call Actions can be customized any way you like, including the words, the call state they bucket into and requirements like notes or dates, but there are a few Call Actions that are automatically added to the list for Executives, Shared Call Logs, and Queue Logs. The Call Action Transfer Call is included in Executive Call Logs.

The Transfer Call selection is only available in the Executive Actions list, when you click on that single head silhouette.

When you select Transfer Call, a window pops-up that allows you to select the Call Log to transfer the call to. This includes both other Executive call logs, Shared Call Logs, and Queue Logs. You also have an opportunity to include a note and a check box whether to notify the person or persons associated with the log you are transferring to.

Transfer Call allows you to move calls between call logs and can be part of a business process
Transfer Call can be part of a business process, like moving a call to the Billing Department log after work has been completed.

For CallPlease customers that use CallPlease as a light ticketing system, dispatch system, or CRM the Transfer Call action is part of a business process and how calls are moved from one person or department to another.


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