Configuring Integrations to Office 365 or Google Contacts

The most popular feature added to CallPlease Plus and CallPlease Enterprise is the integrations with contact databases in Microsoft 365 and Google Contacts. With this feature enabled, CallPlease defaults to using your cloud-connected address book for calls AND allows you and your Assistant(s) to edit those contacts from within CallPlease. All of devices and services that use your contacts are kept in sync, instantly.

The Integrations screen can be accessed from either the Personalization menu (the pencil icon) or the Profile and Call Settings (Upper Righthand Side corner)

How to Connect to Microsoft 365 or Google Contacts

  1. Executive Account must sign-in. Each Executive user account on CallPlease has a private address book that only the Executive and their Assistant(s) can access. This address book is the place where new contacts are added and where the lookup is done when adding a new call on the Add-A-Call screen. With all this in mind, it is the Executive that will be connecting their cloud address book to CallPlease. You can only set-up the integration using the web (browser) version of CallPlease at this time.
  2. Navigate to the Integration screen. You can get to the integrations screen either by clicking on the pencil icon (Personalizations menus) or by selecting Profile & Call Settings from the menus under your name in the Upper Right-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Select either Google G-Suite or Microsoft Office 365. At this time, you can only select one or the other. This is an individual setting, so different people on the same account can integrate with different systems. Click on the appropriate system name to reveal the connection button.
  4. Click the Connect to button. Clicking on the Connect to Microsoft Office 365 or Connect to Google G-Suite buttons will send a request to those systems and they will respond with a log-in screen. If you have already logged into one of them with the browser you are working on, they more than likely offer you a choice of accounts to choose from. (see below)
  5. Log-in to the connected account. Your company may have a written policy as to which online address book you connect to, but technically, you can configure CallPlease to work with personal or work accounts with Microsoft or Google. Some Office 365 licenses do not support the API access that is required for this integration. Administrators of Office 365 and G-Suite may also block integrations like the one CallPlease uses. Please contact CallPlease Support if you wish to test this service before making a purchase.
  6. Accept the permissions. Both Microsoft and Google will ask you to explicitly allow CallPlease to create, edit, or delete contacts. Only you and your Assistant will be able to add or edit contacts. CallPlease doesn’t provide any means of deleting contacts. If you want to do that, you’ll need to go into the native application.
  7. Close the log-in window. Once you have accepted the permissions, you will get a notice that it has been successful or that the connection has failed. Thus far, the only failures we have experienced are due to limits placed by licensing levels or administrative privileges.
  8. Test the connection. Open the Add a Call screen or browse to the Address Book page and search for a contact. You should see results that include either [Microsoft] or [Google] after the name, designating that those contacts are coming from that source. As additional sources are added to the CallPlease integration features, they will be designated in a similar fashion. A picture of how this looks can be found here: Office 365 Integration

Contact CallPlease support if you run into trouble.

This is an example of a blank Office 365 screen. If this user had already logged into Office 365 with this browser, Microsoft would have offered an account to select.
This is an example of a Google G-Suite log-in page. Jim had already logged into G-Suite, so he was able to select this account instead of having to log-in.


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